Diane Ravitch and teacher education

Still processing Diane Ravitch’s talk at CSUN (and Occidental) a few weeks ago. So exciting, thought-provoking, yet scary when you sit with it.
Re: the future of teaching and teacher education -
From Diane Ravitch’s blog, Oct.12 – “In its relentless quest to improve education in the United States, corporate reformers are turning teacher education into an online, for-profit business. Advocates say it is very successful because future teachers can beam into the classroom from their homes. Not much interaction with peers. Not much opportunity to practice teach in classes with living children, but who needs living children when virtual children are available and cheap?”

New: Organizational Updates and a Prize…

One of CCTE’s best assets is its Board of Directors, a group of dedicated, persistent, and creative individuals who collaborate around new and ongoing initiatives.  We meet four times a year, and more often than that by phone.  Each member is on a Board Committee, working to achieve the CCTE Strategic Priorities.  The outcomes of…

Reminder – California Council on Teacher Education Fall Conference

Only one week and three days remain before the fall California Council on Teacher Education Conference begins in San Diego, Ca. If you’ve never attended you are missing an excellent opportunity to meet with teacher educators from across the state who are life-long learners. “Cal Council” offers continuing education (not for credit), mentoring, and opportunities…

Announcement Regarding New Ford Foundation Fellowships

Colleagues, Please share with your students the following link to an announcement regarding new Ford Foundation Fellowships: https://services.blimessaging.com/201208/viewaswebpage/viewaswebpage.aspx?unqid=370b09ba-1730-e311-bd25-000c29ac9535   One of our goals as an organization is to support the development of our new teacher educators. Please distribute the information broadly. Juan  

Compelling Argument Against Writing TFA Letters of Recommendation

Slate has a great piece right here.

New policy recommendations for Teacher Prep from Ed Trust

I just received and read (in shock) this set of policy recommendations for teacher prep programs put forth by Ed. Trust…(as if Accreditation, CBEST, CSET, RICA and TPA/PACT aren’t enough) in Figure A which include rating teacher prep programs based on these criteria: the number and percent of graduates employed as ft teachers, number and…

Governor Brown Cancels STAR Testing

Did that news pass you by this past week?  Apparently the governor has no interest in STAR testing data as teachers roll out instruction aligned with Common Core. Read the article at the LA Times here.

Diane Ravitch Smacks down Billionaire Charter School Proponents

Dirty little secret: she wants public education, eliminate the corporate driven testing industry, and bring back arts! Music! Read her LA Times editorial here. And, come see her TONIGHT at Occidental College, or TOMORROW NIGHT at CSUN

The Short-sighted Privileging of Stem

Teri Yamada of CSULB discusses that here.  Via Deborah Hamm.

Why Teacher Training Matters

Olivia Blanchard, online in the Atlantic Monthly, indicts TFA and discusses why she quit, here.



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