Diane Ravitch and teacher education

Still processing Diane Ravitch’s talk at CSUN (and Occidental) a few weeks ago. So exciting, thought-provoking, yet scary when you sit with it.
Re: the future of teaching and teacher education –
From Diane Ravitch’s blog, Oct.12 – “In its relentless quest to improve education in the United States, corporate reformers are turning teacher education into an online, for-profit business. Advocates say it is very successful because future teachers can beam into the classroom from their homes. Not much interaction with peers. Not much opportunity to practice teach in classes with living children, but who needs living children when virtual children are available and cheap?”

New policy recommendations for Teacher Prep from Ed Trust

I just received and read (in shock) this set of policy recommendations for teacher prep programs put forth by Ed. Trust…(as if Accreditation, CBEST, CSET, RICA and TPA/PACT aren’t enough) in Figure A which include rating teacher prep programs based on these criteria: the number and percent of graduates employed as ft teachers, number and… Continue Reading

Bilingual Speakers Develop Mental Flexibility

There is an increasing body of research on the advantages of bilingualism.  The following link leads to a study by Penn State researchers that discovered that as bilingual speakers learn to switch languages seamlessly, they develop a higher level of mental flexibility. The link to that study is as follows: http://psychcentral.com/news/2013/09/11/bilingual-speakers-develop-mental-flexibility/59404.html Juan Flores   Continue Reading