Current Issues

The committee’s top priority is Teacher Assessment. Here is the purpose and goals from the policy initiative:

Well-qualified, effective, and committed teachers are the key element in ensuring that all children learn and achieve to their potential. How best to achieve this goal has been and continues to be a policy focus of the California Council on Teacher Education.

Through the coordinated leadership of the Policy Committee, the Fall 2010 Conference Planning Committee, and the Board of Directors of the California Council on Teacher Education (CCTE) the organization planned and held its Fall 2010 Conference on October 14-16 in San Diego around the theme “Teacher Education in Challenging Times: Initiating Leadership to Inform Policy and Create Opportunities.” The expressed purpose and goal of that Conference was for CCTE to explore and facilitate through discussion between and among the speakers and participants a series of issues that would result in the development of a policy initiative to address the issue of teacher evaluation and its relationship with student performance.

In preparation for the Conference CCTE leaders developed a document entitled “The Complexities of the Relationship of Teacher Evaluation and Student Achievement: A Policy Analysis for the Fall 2010 CCTE Conference” which was published in the Fall 2010 issue of the CCTE newsletter, CCNews, in September and then included in the Conference materials provided to each participant on October 14-16 in San Diego. The Policy Analysis was used as a stimulus for discussion and analysis throughout the Conference, with speakers, panelists, and all participants asked to address the issues raised in the document, discuss in depth and prioritize those issues, and identify key topics that would move forward in CCTE’s 2010 policy initiative.

The propose and goal of the Conference was to distill from the discussions of the Policy Analysis a set of specific proposals that are now the core of “Seeking Effective and Equitable Evaluation of California’s Teachers: A 2010 Policy Initiative of the California Council on Teacher Education” which CCTE will continue to develop and will seek through cooperation with key members of the California Legislature to introduce, advocate for, and achieve passage of legislation which will assure effective, fair, and equitable evaluation of teachers, foster significant professional growth for teachers, and result in the best possible instruction for the children in California’s schools.

Download the complete 23-page policy initiative. 

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